The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

The Divine Ms Ross
Last night, this Pacific Woman in Philly (PWIP), attended the Diana Ross concert at the Mann Center for Performing Arts in Philadelphia. The songs she sang brought back memorable moments spent in the Fiji islands with best friends, Joyce Taito Vunisa, Melania Elo Saubulinayau and Rusila Kearney. Especially, when Ms Ross came out in her bright yellow outfit to sing the theme song from the movie, Mahogany, “Do You Know Where You Are Going To.”

While swaying and singing along with Ms Ross, my mind wandered back to my twenties, “Lordy, who “wudda” thought” that I would be raising my hands and singing this song, live, along with Ms Ross. To my dearest friends, “Did we know through the years and the ups and downs………”

I can look back and truly say “vinaka vakalevu” and forever grateful to Ms Ross for all the songs and for jogging my “noggins” to reminisce about the wonderful memories.  As the song says, ….. “now looking back”,  I know we did NOT let dreams slip by.

With that walk down memory lane over with, I’ll get to the good, the bad and ugly of the concert.

The Good

Thank you to my PWIP friend, Lusiana Loanakadavu Browning, for being my date to the Mann. It’s also good to have a friend (Lusi) with a temporary “handicapped” tag because you get to park your car right at the entrance of the concert venue. Our ticket purchased through Groupon for $30 a piece, was so worth it. I liked seeing the diversity in the concert goers, ranging from the cane and wheelchair crowd,  same sex couples, the young and the old including the dressed down and the overly dressed. At 71, Ms Ross still has the voice and the fashion style to excite the senses of the crowd and this PWIP.

The Bad

Ms Ross sang for only an hour and I know people paid up to  and over $100 to see her perform. She must have changed her outfit at least five times during the concert. I think she could have used those times to sing more songs. Most of the concert goers, like myself, aren’t there for the clothes, but for the voice. Besides that, the majority of the women and “over the hill” fans aren’t going to buy the outfits, but we’ll definitely go out and buy the music for the memories that the songs invoke. I was hoping for more of her songs from the eighties.

The Ugly

There was a lot of rumbling after the concert. Most of the attendees including the PWIPs didn’t realize she was only performing for an hour. Ladies sitting around us were stunned when the concert ended. They didn’t want to leave their seats, thinking it was intermission. The other ugly part (like every event) is the “getting out of the parking lot” ritual. There were motorists driving every which way and unhappy concert goers did not help the driving situation.

All in all, this Pacific Woman in Philly was thrilled, delighted and ecstatic to have attended a live concert by the divine Ms Diana Ross. I used to dream, but to be able to see it in person is truly an experience. Thank you Lusi for going to the concert with me.

As the song says, “I like the things that life has shown me” and I “kinda” know where I’m going. This Pacific Woman in Philly is hoping you aren’t letting your dreams go by you.


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