The Latest Rage in Beauty

This morning, while reading the latest on my news feeds, I came across two stories that shocked me. The first headline that peaked my interest and the one that made me splatter coffee all over the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, was a feed on my Twitter.

The story from the UK paper, The Telegraph, was about men in Thailand and their infatuation with bleaching or whitewashing their penis. My apologies if I shocked you too. Bleaching the skin is a trend across south east Asia because being darker is associated with working outdoors in the sun and with being poor.

Well readers, the men of Thailand have taken the bleaching process several rungs down the ladder by having their southern regions laser whitened. I’ve always assumed all wieners looked the same in the dark. The story mentions vanity and how these men want to look good in their swim trunks. If it’ll be covered in the swimsuit, I don’t get it.

The second story that peaked my interest was in the Life section of the Philadelphia Inquirer, regarding a skin care product that’s supposedly the latest rage in Chinatown, Philadelphia. The product claims “to bring one closer to immortality”, quoting the article. The shocker to this story is the price tag of the product.

The creams and lotions may bring you closer to the heavens, but the price tag will move you a little closer to yelling , “WHAT THE HELL”. It’ll cost you: $1,100.  Don’t scream because I’ll  repeat the price: $1,100.
For this Pacific woman, that’s a round trip ticket to the islands.
My question is, “Does this cream only immortalize the face or can other parts of the body feel heavenly too?”
If that’s the case, can the men of Thailand use the product to feel heavenly in their “hellish” regions? It’s a steep price for beauty, but I’m sure it’s probably cheaper than having one’s private bleached by a laser.

This Pacific woman in Philly has let the shock of these stories run over her. and will continue to care and love her gorgeous melanin with the more affordable, earthly prices offered at the local pharmacy.
Hoping you’re enjoying your coffee or tea and loving your body inside and out.