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The Philadelphia Flower Shower


Last year, this Pacific Woman in Philly¬†attended the¬†2015 Philadelphia Flower Show. The Show is an annual event held in our city in March. It is the oldest and largest indoor flower show in the world and attracts more than 250,000 people annually. The show features large scale gardens, which range from elaborate landscaped displays to individual and club entries. Each year there is an official theme which serves as the inspiration for the exhibits. The theme this year was, CELEBRATE THE MOVIES. Just wanted to share some of the pictures I took from the show…it was snowing outside, so it was truly nice to be inside the Convention Center. Looking forward to Spring. Bula to y’all and enjoy.

Great use for a discarded item, the truck. It was reused as a planter.
One of my favorites at the Flower Show. The red arch and red azalea are reflected in the pool in the background. I pictured myself reading on a bench in this very peaceful and serene garden.
From the movie, Tarzan. This was Jane and Tarzan’s house (bure). The coconuts on the sand reminded me of home.
Another large scale garden display. Water surrounded this pavilion. There was a mattress with pillows in the center of building. Not sure what movie was depicted here. I loved this design, but long term I would worry about mosquitoes having a feast.
I loved this pole thing. I might have this in my backyard with the names of places from around the world.
There were some beautiful orchids at the show. This particular one caught my eye.
I liked the colors going on in this corner garden.
This thatched roof made this Pacific girl think of home.
I loved the combination of the fencing and the rocks … sorta simple and primitive.
This vibrant yellow rose is named Henry Fonda, the movie star. Gorgeous color.
An elaborate display of flowers in this large garden display.
Enjoyed the simple design of the flowers and ferns growing around this palm tree.
Another pretty and unusual colored orchid.
Notice the beans on the coffee plant.
This cocoa plant also reminded me of home.
Another plant that made the Pacific woman think of home.
My Costa Rican girlfriend, Sandy and myself standing at the largest birdhouse, ever.
The elaborate flower displays were also carried out on the ceilings of the Convention Center.
Nice color combination.