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Great Dog Life of Sukalicious

Sukalicious in the early days with the kids.

Today, I want to introduce our family dog Sukalicious, a suburban dog in Philly. Our family nicknamed her Suka. She came into our life through a friend of our oldest son, Patrick.  Suka’s  puppy years were spent in a rowhouse in Philadelphia. DSC00657

The couple that gave her to us were having a baby and couldn’t take care of a puppy. Suka needed a yard to run in. The couple purchased Suka for $800 from a puppy mill, a place where dogs are bred and sold. Suka is an American Eskimo breed and considered a companion dog.  The couple had named her Cocaine, and called her Coke for short.


Our family did not want to name this beautiful creature after an illegal substance, so changed her name to Sukalicious  because she was so sweet and her coat was the color of refined sugar. In the Pacific, the word suka stands for sugar.

Suka is a great watchdog. She barks and alerts and I’m sure scares and annoys everyone and everything that comes near or into the house and that can include people, birds, other dogs,  and squirrels.

Suka’s daily activities include sitting and napping on her special chair. When she needs to go outside, Suka freely walks in and out of the house through her special door. The grandkids like to compete with Suka  in using the dog door. She is walked around the neighborhood twice a day, first thing in the morning and later in the evening.


In my next life, this Pacific woman in Philly wants to come back as an American suburban dog.