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Fashion Class At Moore College of Art

Hullo again, y’all. My apologies for the delayed postings.

I’ve been taking classes at Moore College of Art and ventured into the “unknown” territory of fashion design. I remember when I was offered this Fashion Studies Foundation class, I was hesitant to take it because I didn’t see the correlation between fashion and pattern making. However, this has been one of the best (the very best, emphasis on the very best) college class I’ve taken. I guess, being the visual person that I am, all the coloring, drawing, painting and marker usage offered in the class got me all excited.

Last Wednesday was the last day of our 10-week class. The five students, including myself, made  presentations of our work, which included our Mood Boards, the fashion drawings and the flats of the designs we drew.

When I started this class, I didn’t even know what a mood board was. I really thought it was a board that showed one’s emotional state. A  fashion mood board is a collage of pictures, fabric swatches, color samples that  designers use to get the idea of what they’re trying to show to their clients. The board will also include tactile stuff like buttons, flowers, or shells, like mine shows.  Here’s the board I designed and I was going for the Resort Wear look, for the plus size woman. I named my look, Fiji.
Here’s the resort wear collection that I drew.  I tried to get styles that were versatile and could go with other pieces in the collection, plus comfort, ease in packing and ones that would look good on a plus size woman. I also had to draw hair and shoes on these figures.
Along with the mood board and the fashion designs, I also had to draw flats of the outfits I designed in my resort wear collection.

I am proud of myself for venturing  into the “unknown” territory of fashion design. I didn’t realize all the work that goes into designing a collection. Hoping you’re all doing something exciting and different. Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.