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Back to School for Nada

In an earlier post, I mentioned how I loved my visit to Moore College of Art and Design, in Philadelphia. Well, I signed up for an evening continuing education class. I originally wanted to get into the Sewing Design class, but that isn’t offered until July.

My first croquis. Not comfortable with the eyes and face yet. Trying to get the plus size look.

Let me digress here. When I mentioned to the “namakus” that I was going to school, they had the sweetest responses. One wanted to know if the school will give me apple sauce and hot dogs for snack, just like they do at her school. The other one asked if I’ll be napping at my school. When I told them I was going to night school, they both shouted, “so you’re sleeping at school?”

So back to the school story. As the sewing class isn’t being offered this semester, I decided to sign myself up for the Fashion Studies Foundation class.  I attend class one night a week, for 3 hours and I’m truly enjoying it, especially the design part. There’s six of us in the class and I am not the youngest, if you’re wondering.

Presenting more trendsetters. Working to get these croquis into better plus size shapes.

I’ve been sketching a lot of croquis (crow-kee’), a French word which means a rough preliminary sketch of a body. Croquis are a favorite for designers because it helps them organize their designs into a collection. For a sewer like myself, I want to make and also organize my sketches and the things I make in my own “croquis” book. I wanted to share some of the basic sketches I’ve drawn and I also wanted to make them “on the plus side”.

This Pacific woman in Philly will try to share more of her sketches in upcoming blogs. Hoping you’ll enjoy your crafting journey.





Jewish Museum in Philadelphia

Mother and daughter with their coordinated umbrellas.
Ms E took a picture of the Deuba girls in the big city, with their matching umbrellas. I love these umbrellas.
The National Museum of American Jewish History located at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.


Ms E standing next to pictures of famous American Jews.
One of the beautiful interactive sculptors that children can relax on at the museum.
The museum is great in that kids can try on clothes from the time period. Here, Ms E is trying on a party dress that a child would have worn.
Presenting Princess E, all dressed up. I think we’ll get you a bigger size.
One of the many industries that the Jewish people established themselves in was farming, hence the beautiful shot of me and my “friend”.
Another industry that was popular with the early Jews was the textile/garment industry.
Some of the tools of the trade in the garment industry.
After touring the museum, it was so nice to come out to the “terrace” and see these bright, bold colors with beautiful people who coordinated their outfits with the furniture.
The reason we went to visit the Museum was to check out Einstein’s pipe. There it is in the background.
Thank you, Ms E for the “invite” and for making your aunty, the most cultured Pacific woman in Philly. Okay, other than your wonderful mom.



Pictures from New York Museum

This “giant” dinosaur skeleton welcomes you into The American Museum of Natural History.
All the hair on the mannequin is made from a lion’s mane.
Another view of the “lion” hair.
This fishing net reminded us of home especially when it was located in the Pacific room of the Museum.
Another memory jogging moment at the Museum when we spotted this fishing net.
A replica of the roof of a meeting house from the Maori’s in New Zealand.
A “tanoa” or kava bowl depicted at the Museum.
One of those huge statues from Easter Island standing in the Pacific Room of the Museum.
This giant sequoia log contains 1342 rings, measures 16 feet 5 inches and weighs 9 tons.